A beloved pet is a part of our family and when a pet dies there are those of us who choose to honor their memory by laying them to rest in a very special place. There is a beautiful pet cemetery  – “PETS’ REST” – the first of its kind in Israel, that was founded in 1973.  Here, on well-tended private land, shaded by fruit trees, one can choose a suitable resting place for ones pet. The following options and services are offered:

choice of burial place

possibility of pet collection

choice of tombstone

transport to burial site

cremation services

maintenance/gardening services

charming seating arrangements to grieve in peace. (Visits to be arranged in advance).

Pets Rest cemetery is run with especial care, out of a love for animals and out of an understanding of the deep relationship we enjoy with them.  Accordingly, each client receives personal and warm treatment, and also professional guidance during the sad procedure. Pets Rest is centrally located, and easily accessible.

For more details please call:  052-3288557    (NOT ON SHABBAT)

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